HR Oceanic Pte Ltd is a crew manning company for fishing industries, located in Singapore and specialize in recruitment of qualified fishing personnels from Philippines, Myanmar, and Indonesia for fishing companies in Asia. We have been supplying to Taiwanese ship owners and agents for the below vessel types – Fresh Tuna Longline ,Deep Freeze Tuna Longliner, Swordfish Longline , Fish & Shrimp Trawler , Squid Jigger & and many more.

“Recruitment for the tough”


We specialize in supplying fisherman from the following countries.

Sri Lanka

Why us?

Our management emphasize on quality service to all ship owners as we uses its own representatives located in key areas of the world to recruit and co-ordinate manning which is seen as an essential component in delivering a quality service to our customers.

Our Promise

We hire and groom an effective team of professionals all working in harmony toward a single goal of ensuring customer satisfaction. With this aim in mind, we make an effort to have translators from various countries in our office to educate and provide counseling to the crews when the need arise. We do high quality check of close control at the recruitment stage ensures only duly qualified personnel are supplied to the vessels. Click the button below to view more about our manpower via Gallery Page!



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